American Thoroughbred 2005 By Gone West (USA) (Mr Prospector)

Dam Balanchine by Storm Bird (Northern Dancer)

Grand Dam by Secretariat (Bold Ruler)

           Me and my new horse Oberlin. In eight weeks' time I'm hoping he's a lot fatter and I'm a lot skinnier!!

The photo below was taken after two weeks. His condition has already improved.



At the end of week five: After a combination of good quality conditioning feeds given in four feeds and 28lbs of haylage per day, building-up exercises, schooling and of course lots of grooming Obie is looking a lot rounder and is beginning to shine..even this early in April.

March 2013

Oberlin or 'Obie' for short, the day I went to see him. 

Obie is quite wooden in his mouth and lies heavily on the forehand..He's also extremely lazy which I put down to a lack of condition. He's certainly not very pleasant to ride!

Here he is hacking along a lane with his previous owner. "What an amiable little fellow he is" methinks, so I buy him :)

A Time to explore - Obie having a play in the school on day One 

The first week Is spent allowing Obie to settle in and adjust to his new surroundings. 

I introduce his feeding programme and spend a lot of time grooming and allowing him to get to know me so we can build a trusting relationship right from the start. 

We start his fitness and training regime towards the end of the week

His previous owner tells me Obie doesn't lunge so I start with the basics....

            ..and after a few days he's lunging happily


April 2013: After three weeks, Obie is looking a lot more rounded in his condition and his balance is improving enough to start ridden work at the end of the week

Obie is a bit stuffy and isn't used to going forwards with any enthusiasm, so in this picture (left) I'm allowing him to stretch out a bit and dust off those cobwebs!

And indeed here we are at our first show, where Obie got 2nd & 3rd in the Racehorse to Riding Horse classes

After eight weeks. Obie is indeed a lot fatter. (Though unfotunately I'm not that much skinnier!) His winter coat is finally all out and it's looking like we will be showing him in ROR classes this next month. We'll keep you posted!

My Beautiful Oberlin

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